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The East Coast town of Swansea looks out across Great Oyster Bay towards the mountains and beaches of Freycinet National Park. Swansea now has a population of around 600, and is a pretty, quiet and friendly seaside town. Established in the 1820s, Swansea has several historic buildings and attractions. The prominent Morris’s General Store, which still serves the community, was built in the 1830s, during the time when Swansea was a bustling convict centre, with around 170 convicts and 150 free settlers living in the area. Other notable historic buildings which can still be seen in Swansea are Schouten House (built around 1845), several nineteenth century cottages, and the All Saints Church (1871). Just outside Swansea to the south is also the amazing Spiky Bridge, built by convicts in 1843. Swansea also boasts a museum that demonstrates the historic bark milling industry.

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From Hobart: 1 hr 45 mins
From Launceston: 1 hr 39 mins

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Population: 557 (2006)
Established: 1821
Elevation: 11 m
Location: 135 km SE of Launceston
Local Council: Glamorgan Spring Bay | Visit Council Website

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