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Situated in the Midlands of Tasmania on the Argyle Plains, Ross contains many colonial buildings and structures, including the Ross Bridge, Female Factory Site, Man O’Ross Hotel, churches, stables, barracks and houses. The Ross Bridge was completed in 1836 and features the work of convict stonemasons, and includes around 80 carved icons credited to the convict Daniel Herbert. The town area is known unofficially as ‘The Four Corners of Ross’, with the Man O’Ross Hotel in the northeast corner being dubbed ‘Temptation’, the Town Hall in the southeast corner being considered ‘Recreation’, the old Town Gaol in the opposite corner ‘Damnation’ and the Roman Catholic Church in the final corner ‘Salvation’. Visitors to Ross can walk along the wide picturesque streets, see early colonial buildings and cross the sandstone carved Ross Bridge.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in the Ross Area

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From Hobart: 1 hr 25 mins
From Launceston: 56 mins

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Population: 272 (2006)
Established: 1812
Location: 78 km S of Launceston
Local Council: Southern Midlands | Visit Council Website

Tourist Attractions In and Around Historic Ross