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Perth is situated just outside of Launceston, and is at a major intersection for those traveling from Hobart and the south to Tasmaniaï¾’s north-west. Perth now has a population of over 2000. The town was settled in 1821 and named after Perth in Scotland. After early surveying work, Governor Macquarie selected Perth as the site for a town, resulting in the construction of initially a military post and an and inn, and later other town buildings, some of which still survive. Perth now boasts around 40 historic buildings, including churches, shops, houses and other features. Some of the oldest buildings in the town include the Leather Bottle Inn, built in 1839, the former Jolly Farmer Inn (1826), and the former convict station buildings, but many other historic buildings can be seen by walking through the town. Also of note is Gibbet Hill, indicated by a sign on the right of the highway when heading towards Launceston. This was where the body of bushranger John McKay, who was convicted of the murder of a coach passenger, was hung outside the town in 1837, to great public outcry. It would be the last time the practice took place in a British colony.

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From Hobart: 2 hrs 5 mins
From Launceston: 18 mins

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Population: 2239 (2006)
Established: Early 1800s
Location: 17 km S of Launceston
Local Council: Northern Midlands | Visit Council Website

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