Former Military Barracks and Eaglehawk Historic Site | Eaglehawk Neck


Address: Arthur Highway
Town/Suburb: Eaglehawk Neck
Postcode: 7179
Public Access: Unverified
More information: More about Former Military Barracks and Eaglehawk Historic Site

During the convict era, Eaglehawk Neck formed an important part of the security system for the containment of convicts on the Tasman Peninsula. The guard station situated here served this purpose from early in the convict era, and around twelve buildings were once at this site. The only remaining building is the Military Officers’ Quarters, however this is an important building as it is the oldest surviving timber structure on the Tasman Peninsula. The site is also important due to the associated garden that dates from the same era.

Located at Eaglehawk Neck in Tasmania.

less than 100 years after settlement of Van Diemen’s Land when the area of the Colony was overseen by the Governor of the day..

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