Doo Town

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Doo Town is a quaint seaside village famous for its quirky house names. Overlooking the southern end of Pirates Bay, near the Port Arthur Historic Site on the Tasman Peninsula, Doo Town emerged in the 1930s as a small village of holiday cottages or ‘shacks’. In 1935, Hobart architect Eric Round started a tradition when he named his shack ‘Doo I’ at Pirate’s Bay. The idea soon caught on with Doo-Me and Doo-Us and today most of the town’s shacks have ‘Doo’ names. The picture perfect location and the funny shack-naming tradition provides a good laugh and plenty of photo opportunities. There are some incredible natural rock formations along the nearby coastline, including the Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and the Blowhole, and excellent bushwalking opportunities. There are also some great walks that cover the unique coastline and lead to the famous natural rock formations of the Tasman Peninsula.

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Driving Time:
From Hobart: 1 hr 10 mins
From Launceston: 2 hrs 57 mins

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Population: 230 (Unofficial)
Established: 1830s
Location: 80 km SE of Hobart
Local Council: Tasman | Visit Council Website

Tourist Attractions In and Around Historic Doo Town