Deddington is a small town close to Nile and Evandale, in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania. Deddington was first settled when a number of land grants were given to settlers such as Robert and Thomas Pitcairn (who gifted the land on which the Deddington Chapel, built in 1840, now stands), and James Cox (associated with the nearby property Clarendon). The Deddington Chapel is said to have been designed by John Glover, one of the most important early colonial artists in Australia. The Glovers lived at nearby property Patterdale, and are buried in the Chapelメs cemetery. John Gloverメs contribution to Tasmanian colonial art is celebrated every year at nearby Evandale, with the Glover Prize. Other nearby heritage features include the nearby Nile Farm and outbuildings, built by Robert Pitcairn in 1840, and Patterdale House, built by John Glover in 1831.

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    From Hobart: 2 hrs 28 mins
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    Established: 1820s
    Location: 37 km SE of Launceston
    Local Council: Northern Midlands | Visit Council Website

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