Conara Junction

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The small township of Conara is situated in the Northern Midlands, south of Launceston. It has a population of around 400, and has been an important point on the main railway line between Hobart and Launceston since the line was opened in the 1870s. The town lies on the intersection of the old coach roads between Hobart and Launceston, and the coach road from Swansea and the East Coast. Conara has been known during its history by a number of names, including The Corners, Willisメ Corner, and Humphrey’s Waterhole. Key features of the town include the former railway station, now disused, and The Corners Inn, known as The Disappearing House. This building came by this unusual name due to the illusion seen by travelers coming along the road towards the house: as you come closer, the house seems to disappear into the ground behind a small hill.

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Driving Time:
From Hobart: 1 hr 41 mins
From Launceston: 42 mins

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Population: 424 (2011)
Established: Early 1800s
Elevation: 233 m
Location: 51 km S of Launceston
Local Council: Northern Midlands | Visit Council Website

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