Campbell Town

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Campbell Town, to the north of Ross and Oatlands in the Midlands of Tasmania, was originally established as a Garrison Town. During the early nineteenth century, the hazards of travel between Hobart and Launceston due to threats from escaped convicts necessitated the construction of military posts throughout the Midlands, even before the area was extensively settled. Key historical features in Campbell Town include the Fox Hunterメs Return, built in 1834, the convict-built Red Bridge (opened in 1838), St. Lukeメs Church (designed by the well-known nineteenth century Tasmanian architect John Lee Archer) completed in 1839, and the Grange Homestead and Keanメs Brewery (1840). The Campbell Town Agricultural Show is the oldest and longest running show in the southern hemisphere, starting in 1838, and is known for its superfine Merino wool exhibits and livestock. The town now has a population of around 800 people.

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From Hobart: 1 hr 33 mins
From Launceston: 50 mins

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Population: 772 (2006)
Established: 1821
Elevation: 209 m
Location: 68 km S of Launceston
Local Council: Northern Midlands | Visit Council Website

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