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Historic Convict Site in Longford

Brickendon was circa 1824 when was the Governor of Tasmania, then known as Van Diemen’s Land.

Brickendon is one of Tasmania’s oldest farming properties. Since being settled in 1824 by William Archer, it has been operated and occupied by members of Archer family, now in its seventh generation. Brickendon became a World Heritage site in 2010, listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Australian Convict Sites. It was listed along with the neighboring property Woolmers Estate (established by William Archer’s brother) as a significant rural estate with convict history. Notably, the site had the second largest number of convicts working on site in Australia. Brickendon was also included on Australia’s National Heritage List in 2007. Brickendon consists of a collection of convict buildings in a rural setting, displaying settler and convict history. The site is a testament to the hard labour and skills of the convicts assigned to work on this farm. Both convict men and women worked at Brickendon, with the men working on the farm as labourers, blacksmiths, builders and carpenters, and the women as domestic servants. Visitors can explore the convict buildings such as the Dutch barns, blacksmith sheds, tool sheds and Gothic chapel, and wander through the four hectare (ten acre) historic formal garden, complete with English and exotic trees such as oaks, pines, elms and cedars. Those who wish to stay overnight can stay in the historic farm cottages at the site.

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Address: 236 Wellington Street
Town/Suburb: Longford
Municipality: Northern Midlands Council