Anglesea Barracks | Hobart

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Historic Georgian Convict Site in Hobart

Anglesea Barracks was established circa in the 19th C. when the Governor of the day. was the Governor of Tasmania, then known as Van Diemen’s Land.

The Military Museum of Tasmania is situated within Anglesea Barracks, Davey Street, Hobart. This Barracks precinct is recognized as one of Australia’s most significant historical military precincts and its appearance today is much as it was when the first buildings were constructed in 1814. The Museum is located in the Military Gaol which was built in 1847. This building is little changed from when it was fist built even though over the years it has also been used as a Girls Reformatory, a married quarter, a store and offices.

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Address: Davey Street
Town/Suburb: Hobart
Municipality: Hobart City Council