Convict-built Accommodation in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Convict Trail manages the definitive list of places travelers can stay overnight in a room 'built by convicts'.

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If you own or manage an accommodation property that's convict-built, or even one that's simply old (19th century), you can add it to the Tasmanian Convict-built Accommodation list.

Ghosts are optional.

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    When was the property built or established?

    How certain are you of this date?
    It's written on the building (or the Deed).We've done some research.It's anecdotal.It looks pretty old.It's a wild guess.
    Which of the following features best describes your property?
    Convict-built.Old, but not Convict-built.We can't verify who built it.

    Do you have a ghost?

    Definitely. Not.Possibly, but we've not seen it.We've seen it. They're friendly.No idea.Watch out for the flying candelabra!

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