Premaydena was once the site of the Impression Bay Probation Station.


Koonya features many well-preserved historic buildings in an idyllic setting.

Lime Bay

More than 600 convicts worked the coal mines for the Colony.

Saltwater River

Visitors to Saltwater River can explore the Tasman Peninsula convict coal mines.

Sloping Main

Sloping Main boasts a beautiful beach and some historic homesteads.

White Beach

White Beach is a quiet spot close to Port Arthur, nestled in Wedge Bay.

Doo Town

Almost every house has a ‘Doo’ name.


Nubeena has a long maritime history and was a farming outstation for Port Arthur.


The location for Australia’s first railway – convict-powered.

Port Arthur

The site of the best-known convict settlement in Tasmania.

Eaglehawk Neck

Eaglehawk Neck is the narrow stretch of land – and home of the ‘dog line’.